6 Reasons to Visit Adelaide

Written by Esther Johnson

6 Reasons to Visit Adelaide / Photo by rawkkim on Unsplash

6 Reasons to Visit Adelaide / Photo by rawkkim on Unsplash

So, you’ve booked your dream holiday to Australia and are now excitedly planning your itinerary. Maybe you’re looking for the best places to visit in Australia, the best city in Australia or the biggest cities in Australia. Maybe some of the best Australian sightseeing tours you’ve come across have been in Melbourne or Sydney, and nothing seems to be grabbing you about Adelaide.

Well, the reason Adelaide doesn’t jump out at you is because it’s Australia’s best kept holiday destination. In fact, the Property Council of Australia voted Adelaide as Australia’s most liveable city in 2012, and it remains high on both national and global liveability rankings year after year.

So, back to your Australian holiday! If you’re after some genuine downtime that’s sparked with just enough nature experiences, stunning beaches, gourmet food and drink, arts and culture, friendly people, and amazing photo opportunities to keep you interested, add Adelaide to your Australia itinerary now. You will love it, and so will your Instagram followers!

Chances are you haven’t even considered Adelaide at this point, or even if you have, you’ve perhaps decided it’s not worth your while or it’s too far out of the way. Read these 6 reasons to visit Adelaide and you might just rethink your itinerary. On top of the usual appeal of visiting Australia – sunshine, friendly people, good food and wine, stunning beaches, koalas and kangaroos, just to name a few – you may not have heard about these 6 reasons to visit Adelaide.

1. Nature is still natural

Because we don’t get high numbers of international tourists in Adelaide and because Adelaide locals fight hard to protect nature, our parks, reserves and camping grounds can be enjoyed in their natural form, without being bombarded with advertising or commercialisation. There isn’t a gift shop at every turn or a billboard infringing on that open, blue sky everywhere you go. You can take the time to walk slowly, breathe deeply and be mindful of the beauty of nature in Adelaide.

2. Coffee is great everywhere

So, you love your coffee. Well, it’s hard to come across a bad one in Adelaide. We have every variation and milk type at almost every café, so all your dietary preferences can be accommodated. Many cafés and eateries also have vegan and gluten free food options. What’s more, our cafés are still friendly places where you can strike up a conversation with a few locals and not get stared at or ignored.

3. There’s free parking in the city centre

There aren’t many cities in the world where you can still find free parks in the CBD during off peak times. The best way to get around Adelaide is probably to hire a car, but you may also like to use the free city circle tram that will take you to all the key places in the CBD, for free! It’s also easy to get around on public transport in Adelaide in the sense that every bus, train and tram heads to the CBD, so as long as you’re travelling in the right direction, you’ll find yourself in the CBD in no time. They’re just not very frequent, so hire a car if you’re short on time.

4. Experience your own ‘private’ beach

As I mentioned earlier, Adelaide doesn’t get high foot traffic from tourists so if you’re visiting our beaches during the school term (See South Australian term dates), chances are you will be able to enjoy metres and metres of your own ‘private’ sandy beach, with clear, blue skies and calm waters as far as your eye can see. Most likely there will also be great coffee, artisan gelato and good old hot chips within walking distance. If it’s a little too cold and windy outside, you will easily be able to park (for free!) and enjoy an uninterrupted view of the ocean from the comfort of your car. What bliss, and all this is just a short, relaxed drive from the city centre.

5. The famous Ditters Gourmet Cake

Back in 1918, a German immigrant called Otto Kurt Ditter opened a shop in Adelaide called Ditters, selling fruit and nut products. Ditters was the first gourmet food brand in South Australia to create premium quality gift packs and is most famous for the Ditters Gourmet Cake, a whole fruit and nut cake that happens to be gluten free and totally delicious. Not readily available throughout Australia, Ditters will deliver one of their famous cakes to your hotel room in Adelaide. Simply visit the Ditters website and place your order. If you’re short on time, give them a call on +61 8 7127 2166 and they’ll do their best to get a cake to you before you leave. They make great gifts for friends and family back home too.

6. It’s a photographer’s dream

Anyone who’s ever visited Adelaide will tell you that there is something special about the light we get in Adelaide. At certain times of the day, the sun seems to shine horizontally across the city, creating the most amazing glow and depth. Adelaide has four distinct seasons and is a place of many contrasts. The colours, textures, landscapes and people you encounter in the State of South Australia will captivate you. If you’re still not convinced, have a look on Instagram to see just how beautiful Adelaide is.

So, when are you visiting? Adelaide welcomes tourists with open arms and we’re always ready to offer a smile and chat to everyone around us. Visit the South Australia website to find out more about Adelaide or read our blog post on Things to Do In Adelaide. Come visit us soon!


About the author

Esther Johnson is an Australian mother of three with Malaysian-Chinese heritage. She lives in Adelaide, South Australia, and is the owner of Ditters Nuts.