Ditters is the oldest, original specialty retailer of gourmet fruit and nut products in South Australia, famous for our whole-fruit-and-nut Gourmet Cake and scrumptious Mrs Ditters Cake.

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Do you have a fruit, nut, chocolate or coffee product that is new, delicious, and simply screams Ditters? We would love to hear from you.


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New online store coming soon!


Ditters is under new ownership and exciting changes are coming. Help us to restore the Ditters brand you once knew and loved. With your support, we will revive this iconic South Australian brand and restore its prestige in the food and gift marketplace.

Retaining popular favourites such as the Gourmet and Mrs Ditters Cakes, we are currently cooking up an exciting new product and gift range, available to purchase online with options for in-store pick up, Australia-wide and international delivery. Find out more


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Ditters is all about simple-done-well and celebrating special times with friends and family. If you are just as nuts about life as we are, join us and share your good times and recipes with us.