Walk Down Memory Lane

Updated 24 July 2019

Photography /ASB Creative

Photography/ASB Creative

Since going online in 2018, we have loved reconnecting with our Gawler Place customers and hearing your stories and memories of the Ditters brand. So much so that we’ve put together this story wall to share and celebrate your rich and colourful experiences. We hope you enjoy walking down Memory Lane with us!


Payday treat 🌶

Shared by Dianne K: As a child in the 50’s, I recall waiting at the corner of our street for my dad to come home from work bringing with him a bagful of Ditter’s Devilled Almonds. Dad worked in Adelaide city and would call into Ditters for the payday treat that the whole family enjoyed. They were so, so good, I still remember the taste and subtle bite of cayenne that they had.


Something to look forward to! 🚘

Shared by Polly C: I was born on the Yorke Peninsula and left when I was quite little however would always go back to visit friends regularly and stop in Adelaide. My parents would always take us to Ditters and Haighs and it was always something we looked forward to! It wasn’t a trip to Adelaide without a stop at Ditters!


Gawler Place 🥜

Shared by David Paul J: Ditters Nut and Fruit Specialists of South Australia are a bit of an institution really. They have been sitting there in that lovely little store at the North end of Gawler Place since I was a teenager, so at least thirty years. The seductive nutty smell of cashews and Brazil nuts under warming lights or the sweet smell of dried fruit always pleases. I love going in there and getting a special mix of fruit and nut for nibbles just because of the historic feeling of the place and that sense of continuity – you know, once something has been there 'forever' you kind of feel a little ownership of it on some levels ridiculous as that seems.


Beauty of the blossoms 🌸

Shared by Christine H: My Mum would sell our shelled almonds each year to Ditters back in late 1950s to 60s. We kids spent many hours helping Mum shell the crack almonds. Our house was built on land that had been an orchard previously. We kept 11 trees. Gradually the trees died off. Only one remained when she died. I have memories of the smell and beauty of the blossoms in spring time. Because there were a few different varieties, the blossoms also looked slightly different. I think Mum referred to some as paper shell. The method used to crack the almonds was to feed them through an old mangle. We kids would then open up the cracked almonds.


Annual treat 💝

Shared by Carolyn RP: For over 50 years my family has loved Ditters fruits and nuts, and fruitcake. My grandpa even worked for Ditters after he retired from the bank, and my family had moved to the States. The annual Xmas gift box was our favourite treat!


Such wonderful products 🍒

Shared by Mary V: I’ve just had the most delightful surprise! Visiting Adelaide from Sydney and being a former Adelaide resident, I wandered down Rundle Mall looking for the lane where Ditters used to live. No luck. So I called them, and within two hours, my order of three delicious Ditters cakes plus two special gifts of pistachios and almonds arrived at my office. One of the cakes has travelled to France with an Adelaide Festival guest and the others are being enjoyed by our household. This level of service of such wonderful products will mean I will be an online customer for life!


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