Frequently Asked Questions

What will your new product range look like?

Ditters was the first in South Australia to introduce gift pack arrangements and we intend to carry on this legacy by reintroducing beautifully packaged gift products, all available to buy online.

We are aiming for all of our packaging to be either recycled or repurposed after its initial use, however, there will be a period of transition while we fine tune the right packaging with optimum freshness of our product.

Ditters is committed to using ethically sourced chocolate and coffee, and Australian ingredients and suppliers where possible. 

We understand and uphold the importance of healthy eating and a balanced diet, and will be including products in our new range that are naturally delicious and appealing to modern eyes and discerning tastes.

Our new product range will be available to purchase online. You can look forward to having your orders delivered to your door anywhere in Australia and worldwide as gifts to friends and family overseas.

Stay tuned on social media for the opening of our online store. Join our mailing list to be the first to know!

Is the Gourmet Cake gluten and dairy free?

Although the Ditters Gourmet Cake is made from gluten free ingredients, it is produced in a kitchen that also makes gluten products, making it unsuitable for coeliacs. It is, however, suitable for those wishing to minimise their gluten intake. The Gourmet Cake is dairy free.

Where are the Ditters cakes made?

The Ditters Gourmet Cake and Mrs Ditters Fruit Cake are made in Adelaide, South Australia. Where possible, Australian ingredients are sourced and used in the cakes, however, our main priority is to provide you with a high quality product that is also affordable.

Who owns Ditters?

Ditters changed ownership in April 2018. New owners, Matt and Esther Johnson, grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, and operate the company in Adelaide. They are in close contact with previous owners, Graeme and Lauren Smith, as well as Otto Ditter's grandson, Clark Ditter. The new owners are committed to restoring the prestige of the Ditters brand and making sure its heritage and legacy are passed on and enjoyed by future generations. More about our history

Who owns the nut shop at Unley?

Otto Ditter's grandson, Clark Ditter, owns and operates the nut shop at Unley. Having operated as the 'unofficial' Ditters shop in Adelaide for the last few years, it will soon undergo a name change and refurbishment as Ditters develops its own online range and store. Clark will continue to stock the Ditters Gourmet Cakes at his store. 

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver the Ditters Gourmet Cake and Mrs Ditters Fruit Cake by special request only at this stage. Please contact us if you would like to request delivery within Australia or overseas. In the future, there will be the option for Australia-wide delivery and international delivery when you purchase at our online shop. We are also looking into the feasibility of an in-store pick up option.

Do you have a production facility?

Ditters does not have its own dedicated production facility at present. We are now partnering with local, interstate and international suppliers to bring you the most premium, delicious and nutritious fruit and nut products we can find. Not only will we stock your favourite weekly staples, we plan to also stock artisan and specialist goodies from Australia's best and upcoming food producers.

Any chance of bringing back Scrumpchees?

Yes! We are thinking about reviving a few product lines that were immensely popular back in the day. Please get in touch with us to let us know your favourite Ditters product or mix. We would love to hear from you.

Are you looking for suppliers?

Yes. If you have a delicious fruit, nut, dark chocolate or coffee product that you can supply in bulk and deliver on a consistent basis to South Australia, we would love to talk with you. Find out more