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Updated 14 June 2019

Photo /ASB Creative/©Ditters

Photo/ASB Creative/©Ditters

Help us establish an online presence

Ditters Nuts has been around since 1918 and is a well known heritage brand of fruit and nut gifts and products in Adelaide, South Australia. Although we have been trading for over 100 years, we only began on social media in 2018.

In order for Ditters to establish an online presence, we need your 5 star recommendations and reviews on Facebook and Google. Here are 5 things you can do to help:

1. Stories

Do you have any stories or memories you could share with us about your family’s association with Ditters; your childhood enjoyment or memories of Ditters? Did one of your relatives work at Ditters, or can you remember and tell us your favourite Ditters products?

Have you got a recent story to share with us? Did you buy our cakes over Christmas? Were they for yourself or gifts for friends or family? Why did you choose Ditters at Christmas time? Did you receive our products as a Christmas gift?

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2. Reviews & Recommendations

Would any of your friends or family love our products as much as you do? Can you rave about a particular product from our range or provide a description of it and how much you enjoyed it? Do you know anyone who loves Ditters but doesn’t know about our online store and hasn’t connected with us yet on social media?

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3. Photos & Memorabilia

Do you have any photos or memorabilia of Ditters (e.g. old posters, packaging etc) that you could scan or photograph and send through to us? We would love to tag you and use these on our social pages (with your permission), so that we can keep connected with our much valued customers. Contact us through our online form and we will email you back.

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4. Likes, Comments & Shares

You can help us to establish an online presence by following, liking and commenting on us via social media and sharing our blog posts. You can also communicate with us via Facebook comments. We love to hear from you!

5. Join our mailing list

Keep updated with new products, stockists and promotions so that you can share these with friends and family via social media or word of mouth. All this helps us to establish the Ditters brand online.

Suggestions or Complaints

We value your feedback. If you have a compliant about our products or service, please complete the online form below to let us know how we can improve instead of leaving a negative review. We will always listen carefully to your feedback and respond as soon as possible.


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